The Table

Jesus meets us at the table.
There is a place at the table for all.
All races, backgrounds, and social status.
Sinners and Saints.
Church-goers and those who have never graced the doors of a church.

Those hurt by the institutional church.
Those who find comfort in a church community.
Those searching for a deeper meaning.
Those searching for a deeper relationship with God.
This is real life. Messy. Complicated. Hopeful.

Jesus meets us at the table.
Here we will engage in conversation with God and one another.
Here we won’t always agree, but we will ask, listen to story, and respectfully abide with one another.
Here forgiveness will be extended, grace will be practiced, love will be spoken.
We invite you to come to the table.
Linger at the table with us.

Encounter Jesus. Daily.

The Table is a ministry of the Center for Faith Formation at the Lower Susquehanna Synod, ELCA

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